Executive Order on Refugee Resettlement

Friday, January 27, 2017

Rochester, NY … Catholic Family Center stands in solidarity with refugees around the world and here in our own community in emphatic opposition to the Executive Order that halts the resettlement of refugees into the United States.

As the community’s sponsoring agency for all refugees resettled in Rochester, we at CFC see first-hand how our community is enhanced by the arrival of our newest Americans who come seeking peace and opportunity and through their diversity bring new color to the fabric of our community. The executive order signed today by the President declares a contrary and dehumanizing view of refugees as a threat and unworthy of the freedoms that we enjoy as Americans. It is a disavowal of our unique place in the world as a nation whose founding and historical essence are based on the idea that America provides safe haven to those suffering from violence and persecution.

Our hearts go out to refugees around the world who had expected to escape the deprivation of a refugee camp and travel to America, possibly to join loved ones from whom they had been previously separated, but will learn today that they will remain for an indefinite period in precarious situations where their lives may be threatened.

We call on our community, people of faith and our political leaders to lend their voices in opposition to this directive so that we may restore America’s standing as a world leader in refugee protection and renew America’s promise to the world’s dispossessed.


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