Local Boy Gives His Birthday to Local Refugee Children

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Rochester, NY … Isaiah Seeber is a sweet young boy who just celebrated his 5th birthday! He could have written a long list of gifts he would like to receive at his birthday party, but instead he asked his friends to bring toys to donate to refugee families in the area. His mother, Gabrielle Seeber, works as a Spanish teacher and recently began exploring the topic of refugees with her children. Since then, Isaiah and his siblings have read books and even had a Lemonade stand where they donated their earnings to the Save the Children Refugee Fund. Before his birthday, Isaiah decided he would like to donate his presents and even spend any gift cards he received on more toys for these children. His mother then contacted CFC to see if there were any recent arrivals with children that may benefit from these toys and a playdate, and to give her son a more interactive opportunity of meeting and playing with the children, instead of just dropping the toys off at a donation center.

Earlier this week, the family’s case manager from CFC and the Seeber family went to the house of a Burmese family that arrived in Rochester about a month ago. Gabrielle, Isaiah, and her youngest son Josiah, brought a box full of toys to play with and give to the family’s two children, Lu and Eh. Isaiah also picked some beautiful flowers to bring to the mother, Hae.

We asked Isaiah how he came up with such a considerate idea, and he replied, “My brain,” with a smile. His mother explained that he has always been a sweet and selfless child, never asking for toys for himself and always offering to share anything he has with his siblings. It really was an incredible experience for everyone, and we believe Isaiah will continue on and do some really great things in our world.


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