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For Children

Building and strengthening families, as well as individuals within families, is at the very heart of CFC’s Children, Youth & Family Services programs. Adoption Services to build families…Pregnancy Counseling to help parents facing an unplanned pregnancy make a safe plan for their child…Early Intervention to address developmental delays in children birth through age two…Home Based Counseling for families with children at risk of foster care placement…Home Based Counseling for families with children diagnosed with Failure to Thrive…Sex abuse crisis intervention…foster care for youth from all over the world fleeing abuse, neglect and violence…all are focused on helping clients to achieve their full human potential.

Services for Children

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Overview of Our Services

Early Intervention


  • 737 children served in 2014
  • Service coordination for children birth through age 2 with diagnosed disabilities or suspected developmental delays
  • Social work services also available

Families Take Time


  • 23 families, 33 children served in 2014
  • Home based counseling for families with children diagnosed with or at risk for developing non-organic Failure to Thrive.

Foster Care - Unaccompanied Refugee Minor Program


  • 51 youth served in 2014, coming from all over the world, without parents/family and fleeing war, persecution, abuse, neglect, gang violence, trafficking
  • Specialized training and support for people interested in becoming foster parents for this unique population

Kinship Integrative Network

This program offers support to non-parent caregivers who are currently parenting and providing care for a child that is not their own.

Parents and Children Together (PACT)


  • 150 families, 381 children served in 2014
  • Home based counseling for families with children birth to age 18 who are at risk of foster care placement, at risk of re-entering foster care or are in foster care and needing to be reunified with family

Pregnancy Options


  • 10 women/teens and their families served in 2014
  • Counseling, advocacy, and referrals for parents, pregnant women & teens who are facing an unplanned pregnancy

Sexual Abuse Crisis Intervention Program


  • 46 families, 102 children served in 2014
  • Intensive 10 to 12 week home based counseling for families where a child(ren) up to age 18 has disclosed sex abuse or is displaying concerning, sexualized behaviors
  • Assesses physical/emotional safety of child(ren), psychosocial assessment, treatment recommendations and link to ongoing services as identified