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Healthy Sisters' Soup and Bean Works

Healthy Sisters’ Soup & Bean Works
Healthy Sisters' Soup and Bean Works (HSSBW) is a work experience program designed to help unemployed and/or unemployable women achieve independence and self-sufficiency by learning proper job skills, and then entering the work force.Healthy Sisters' Worker

It is a non-profit program that produces delicious soup and chili mixes with an attractive variety of gift baskets. Sales of gourmet soup and chili mixes along with our attractive gift baskets support the project and pay each woman an hourly stipend. This project opened in 1996 and has grown each year.

Healthy Sisters' Soup and Bean Works provides work experience for women who earn a stipend for working 6, 12 or 20 hours a week, producing soup and chili mixes and related products, sales and marketing, and quality control.

Collaboration with support services throughout the program include continued drug treatment, individual and group counseling, transitional housing and case management, as well as support and assistance with job search and transition to employment, or further education and training.

Women complete three phases, each designed to foster work ethic and self-confidence. On average, women work for one year at HSSBW.

Sales of our products are critical to the operation of the project.

Healthy Sisters' Soup and Bean Works has five sales arenas: retail, wholesale, special events, e-commerce and sales as fundraisers. Currently, we offer eight soups and mixes; four gift baskets and six other items, such as dips and sauces. These products have been very well received locally, at festivals, and as gifts (retail sales), and are now sold in Wegmans’ Nature's Marketplace Stores in Rochester and Buffalo (wholesale sales). Wholesale sales have also had success in specialty food and craft stores in our area. The addition of our online store at in 2003 has opened up a new arena and new possibilities for the Healthy Sisters' Soup & Bean Works.

ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: Women with limited or no employment history or with repeated failures in employment who would benefit from the work experience offered by HSSBW.

FEES: None

PROGRAM LOCATION: Rochester Metro location

INTAKE PROCESS: Contact Carol Henning at (585) 546-2784 or (585) 546-1271, ext. 202


Please check out the Healthy Sisters' Soup and Bean Works website.