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Refugee Resettlement Program

The Refugee Resettlement Program provides services and resources to ensure that newly arrived refugees receive the basic needs and employment assistance necessary to achieve acculturation and self-reliance in the Rochester community.Refugee Resettlement

Eligibility for program depends on two basic criteria: immigration status and length of time in the U.S.
  • Status: Eligible clients include refugees granted admission to the U.S. pursuant to section 207 of the Immigration & Naturalization Act (INA), Cuban or Haitian nationals who are granted parolee status upon admission pursuant to Section 212 (d) (5) of the INA and asylees who have been granted asylum pursuant to Section 208 of the INA.
  • Time: Eligible clients include refugees or parolees within 180 days of their date of entrance to the U.S and asylees within 180 days of the date upon which they were granted asylum.

Clients are, by and large, referred to CFC by either one of the national agencies with which the program is affiliated: United States Conference of Catholic Bishops – Migration & Refugee Services (USCCB – MRS) or Church World Service – Immigration & Refugee Programs (CWS – IRP). Thus the program typically serves referred refugee and parolee clients from their date of arrival to Rochester until their 180th day in-country.

FEES: None

PROGRAM LOCATIONS: 87 N. Clinton Avenue, Rochester, NY 14604

INTAKE PROCESS: Clients undergo intake/orientation within 5 days of arrival to Rochester. Issues covered at intake are outlined on the attached Intake/Orientation Checklist.

OTHER INFORMATION/LINKS: This program relies heavily upon donated goods and volunteers from area congregations, parishes, community groups and individuals. Recruitment of volunteers is an ongoing and important effort of the program.