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"Even the weakest and most vulnerable.. are masterpieces of God’s creation, made in his own image,... and deserving of the utmost reverence and respect."
(Pope Francis, July 17, 2013 )

Catherine, an EISEP client.

Thanks to you, Catholic Family Center has reached an extraordinary milestone - a Century of service. 100 years ago people of strong faith, love, and compassion founded our organization to help individuals and families struggling with life’s most challenging issues.

As we celebrate all that has been accomplished, we know it is the support of our most generous friends who have propelled us every step along the way. Over the last 100 years the range of services provided by Catholic Family Center has expanded to meet the needs of our community. One of our largest programs is for older and vulnerable adults, helping to provide independence with dignity. With the right supports, many older adults are able to stay comfortably and safely in their own homes and out of costly nursing home care.

I wanted to share with you one person’s journey. Catherine is 98 years old, and has been using services provided by Catholic Family Center for the past 16 years. She initially enrolled in our Expanded In-Home Services to the Elderly program (EISEP) to utilize our program’s housekeeping services. Now she receives personal care ten hours each week from her aide, Karen, in addition to housekeeping support. Our STAR program provides her with transportation to wherever she needs to go and she has an emergency response button she can use if needed. Catherine knows she wouldn’t be able to stay in her home without the support of her family and EISEP. She still enjoys preparing her own meals and plays cards every night with her neighbor. Not only is Catherine living happily at home where she wants to be, but the taxpayers are saving money. It costs an average of $7,000 a year to provide EISEP services, while it costs Medicaid over $133,000 a year for an individual in a skilled nursing facility.

Catherine asked me to pass on a message to you, "Thank you to everyone for your support of Catholic Family Center. They truly are doing wonderful things!"

We are so grateful for the support you have shown us over the last 100 years, and ask for your help to make our second century of service just as successful. We are committed to our work and hope that you will join us once again in our efforts.


Marlene Bessette
President and CEO