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"Even the weakest and most vulnerable.. are masterpieces of God’s creation, made in his own image,... and deserving of the utmost reverence and respect."
(Pope Francis, July 17, 2013 )

Thanks to you, Catholic Family Center has reached an extraordinary milestone - a Century of service. 100 years ago people of strong faith, love, and compassion founded our organization to help individuals and families struggling with life’s most challenging issues. Today our volunteers, staff and donors are working on solving different problems, but always along a pathway to dignity and self-sufficiency, ever evolving to meet changing needs.

The most important lesson learned as we have fulfilled our mission? Our friendships along the way have been pivotal. Your support has helped us prevail – and now as we celebrate our centennial year, we also find ourselves on the front lines of our community’s battle with poverty. We are committed not only to serving the poor and vulnerable but to taking a lead role in the community to help people address the causes of poverty in their lives. Your partnership and support make this task not only possible, but joyful.

Will you make a gift to celebrate our Centennial? With all our successes of the past, we still have so much to do – and your gift to Catholic Family Center will change lives:

  • Help a young man find a construction job after achieving a year of sobriety.
  • Connect a mother suffering with an opiod addiction to a counselor who truly cares.
  • Ensure an 80-year old grandfather has a nutritious lunch, on his own kitchen table.
  • Keep families together using proven intervention and parenting programs.
  • Resettle a refugee family, so the children go to school with new books, wearing clean clothes.
  • Give emergency food and shelter to families with nowhere else to turn.

We cannot thank you enough for everything you have done for Catholic Family Center during the last 100 years. Now the next Century of service begins with your gift today.

We begin our centennial year with renewed commitment to our work, and the hope that you will, once again, join us in our efforts.

With my personal gratitude and best wishes for a happy and healthy year.

Marlene Bessette
President and CEO