2020 Annual Report

The staff of Catholic Family Center have always risen to the challenges our clients face, the safety and health concerns of our community, and any economic and social upheaval that adds more pressure to the lives of those we serve. During 2020, these pressures were dramatically exacerbated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We want to share with you one thing that remained constant: we have so many heroes here on CFC’s front line!

All of these situations required incredible effort above and beyond what we normally ask of our staff. Not only did they develop and implement these changes, they did all this while continuing to provide uninterrupted service and care. They are exhausted. They are proud. They are grateful for the small victories. And we are all thankful for your continued support and belief in us and our mission.

Please enjoy the stories in this annual report of all the heroes among us – our staff, our clients, our partners, and YOU.

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