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Colleen is a 56 year old woman whose addiction to alcohol started after she had gastric bypass surgery in 2006. Colleen, who has a history of trauma, feels that she used food to deal with her trauma. After the surgery, she could no longer use food so she discovered vodka to help her deal with her feelings.

Over the next 8 years, Colleen struggled with her addiction. She had almost one year of sobriety in July 2013 but then relapsed. Over the next six months, Colleen describes a life that included stays with family, in temporary housing, and finally in a homeless shelter. Colleen says she felt hopeless and saw no future for herself.

Colleen came to Liberty Manor on February 26, 2014. Over the past six months, she says she has gained back so many of the things her addiction took from her. She has gained back her self respect and hope. She has gained back the support of her family. Coleen says that the counselors and staff, as well as the residents at Liberty Manor, have been essential elements of her recovery. She has learned that she is stronger than she ever thought she could be; with the right supports and the right people in her life she believes she is strong enough to achieve anything.

Colleen looks forward to a bright future that includes her family, friends, and ongoing support she will find in supportive housing as she continues in her recovery.

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