See the world through the eyes of a child.

A Holiday Message from Marlene

Dear Friends,

The holiday season is a time when we pause to reflect on the past and look with anticipation to the dawning of a brand New Year. In exchanging gifts, and sharing other special Christmas treats, we take the opportunity to see the world through the eyes of a child who has boundless optimism and hope for the future. At CFC, we want to see that hope in the eyes of all of our children. Thanks to your generosity, our dedicated staff are able to walk with families to provide support in their quest to secure the brightest possible future. I am constantly inspired by the things that people can achieve when they begin to see the potential of a bright future ahead.

I recently attended a gathering of alumni of our Liberty Manor residential addiction treatment program, which serves women, including those who are pregnant. Successful graduates of the program come back to these gatherings, and their stories provide inspiration to women currently in treatment. Among the people there that day were six adorable and thriving babies who were born drug free while their mothers were in our program. Babies whose life trajectory was changed forever because of your support. Mothers and babies with real hope for the future.

Cheryl (center) and her husband

Also recently, our Kinship Navigator team gave an award to a very special caregiver who had received help and support from our program. Cheryl took custody of three nieces at the time of their birth. Their mother, Cheryl’s sister, struggled with addiction, and each baby girl was born with some ill effects because of it.

Cheryl and her husband, a young couple with children of their own, raised these three little girls. She was a tenacious advocate for them, making sure that they received the services and supports they needed in school to overcome their challenges and succeed.

They are now young women in their 20s who are happy and healthy, and all have jobs. Their futures are bright, because you and others made it possible to support their aunt as she took on the daunting job of raising someone else’s children.

These are just two of many examples of what hope can achieve. As you look to the future with anticipation during this time of year, please remember that your gifts make it possible for some of the most vulnerable among us to do the same. You really do have the power to bring people hope. Please consider making a gift of hope this holiday season.

Thank you.


Marlene Bessette
President and CEO

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