Give children hope and they can do anything

A Message from Marlene

Dear Friends,

We all are blessed in so many ways. Recognizing that fact in the face of daily struggles is sometimes challenging, but when I see the individuals and families who come to us for help each day, I know how truly blessed I am and that it’s not only my choice, but my responsibility to give back. Will you join me in giving back by making a donation to Catholic Family Center?

Why Catholic Family Center?

In 2018, Catholic Family Center served nearly 26,000 people, nearly 5,000 of whom were children, and the vast majority live below the poverty level. The impacts of poverty can be especially devastating for children – from poor academic achievement to significant health and behavioral problems. With your support, we make a difference in the lives of every child who comes through our doors. Your support enables us to provide for the basic needs of children through emergency services of housing, food, heat and light; to foster their resilience through children’s mental health services, and to find security as their parents gain economic mobility through our employment services. Your gifts to CFC have amazing impact each and every day.

Why we need you.

There are many worthwhile causes but CFC is unique. Those we serve are unlike those who are committed to the causes of many other charitable organizations such as universities, hospitals or disease research institutions with which they have a connection.

Many of the clients of those institutions can pay it forward. But the neighbors we serve rarely have the means to reciprocate financially, even after we have assisted them in getting them back on their feet. We need you so that we may continue our work and serve the thousands of our neighbors who are in dire need.

Rochester needs you.

We can’t do this sacred work without you. Your gift will provide hope to so many who desperately need our help. Will you consider a gift today to support our efforts? All of us at CFC and those we serve thank you in advance for your compassion and generosity.


Marlene Bessette
President and CEO

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