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A Message from our President and CEO

When we think of the future, it’s natural to think about our families…children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews…and how our hopes and dreams find new life and direction in their futures. It’s the same at Catholic Family Center, where building and strengthening families is at the very heart of our mission and our hope for the future. We build families through our adoption and foster care programs, and support grandparents who suddenly find themselves as the primary caregivers for their grandchildren. We help families build on their strengths and become self-sufficient through our supportive housing, adult mentoring, and employment programs. So many of our services and programs are focused on helping families to build, strengthen, and achieve their full potential.

Support of our 2017 annual appeal made many of these opportunities possible. Today, we ask you to consider making a 2018 gift to allow us to reach more of our families in need.

One of our clients was delighted to share the story of her family in the hopes of making a difference for others.

Yomary was put in the foster care system at seven years old. By 2013, she found herself alone, with a little girl of her own. Yomary shared that she felt “defeated” when she realized that she had repeated her mother’s life: Abusive relationships… Homeless… Family-less…Hopeless. Then she entered Catholic Family Center’s Lafayette supportive housing program for women and children.

"We're here to make our children’s lives better than our own – here to make a difference for the next generation and to teach them the lessons we’ve had to learn the hard way."

Since entering our program, Yomary has enrolled in Monroe Community College and has been on the Dean’s list every semester. She now lives in a Rochester suburb, where her daughters are enrolled in school. Her final message should resonate with us all. Read more about Yomary and her family.

"Thirty years ago, we adopted a lovely baby girl from you. The preparation you gave us in advance of her arrival was wonderful. Today, that young woman is a married mother of two. We are so grateful for all you did to make this adoption happen, and we pray that other families likewise can participate in the joy of adoption."

I also received a lovely note from some generous donors, John and Lynda, who are happy to share how CFC helped them to build their family.

Each of these families is seeing the future now – Yomary sees a bright new day for her and her daughters. John and Lynda have a thriving family, now nurturing the next generation. With your help, we continue to help build and strengthen families, which in turn helps to build a great future for our community.

Your support helps us help so many others. Please join us to empower our neighbors and help them create their own new beginnings. Thank you for your generous support of Catholic Family Center.


Marlene Bessette
President and CEO

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