Together we will get through this difficult time

A Message from Marlene "The COVID-19 pandemic brought rapid and sometimes chaotic change to all of us; but what never changes or wavers is our dedication to serve the poor and vulnerable. Yes, change is certain; but what is also certain is that Catholic Family Center will always respond to those who need us most."

Dear Friends,

As we reflect upon our COVID-19 Impact Fund campaign, we acknowledge the countless individuals and volunteers who have contributed to its success. Your generosity has enabled our staff to continue our work, and our agency to find new ways to serve effectively during this time of crisis.

From a small gift from 12 year-old Antonio that touched all of our hearts to a last minute gift from the John Purcell Family Fund of $50,000 (yes, you read that correctly and we were just as amazed!) that helped us to surpass our original $150,000 goal for our COVID-19 Impact Fund – every gift has propelled our mission forward and touched the thousands of people who we serve. Let us take a minute to celebrate all of you and the lives you will touch because you answered our call for help. Thank you.

Letter from Antonio

And, your gifts keep coming. Wow! You have shown our dedicated staff that you see the impact of their work in our community and know that it must continue.

Donate Now

And continue we will! This campaign will mark a new beginning for so many of our neighbors who will walk through our doors in the coming months in need of care. Because of your support, we will be able to serve them and to offer them the chance for a fresh start that they deserve. The coming months and years will not be easy, but with your support we will continue to offer hope and healing to our neighbors who are in need.


Marlene Bessette
President and CEO

PS - We look forward to staying connected with you. To that end, we will have an upcoming Donor Town Hall meeting to discuss what comes next for CFC and our clients and how we will navigate this challenging time. If you are interested in participating, please email Jess Regan: and she will add you to the invitation list.

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