Give tidings of comfort and joy to families this holiday season!

Overview You have the power to give people hope

You and hundreds of generous donors like you adopted over 250 families representing over 1,000 individuals this Season. See some of the happy gift-delivery smiling faces here.

Heartfelt thanks from our staff and families

You brought hope and joy to so many families and children! Hear their stories of thanks and wonder:

Heartfelt Thanks

I do hope this letter finds you blessed and well. I am clinician at Catholic Family Center in the Mental Health Department. This is my very first year here at CFC, and I must say the Christmas blessings you gave my families were amazing! Your thoughtfulness and generosity truly made the season very merry for everyone. They are all so very grateful for your support and ready to start 2019 on this very positive note.

Flannel sheets.

An 8 year old told me: “Ms. Cheryl, you just wanna go to bed in them soft sheets. I love them!”

Tears of Happiness & Gratitude

In August, this family of six welcomed a new addition. Unfortunately, the baby boy has many complex medical issues and neither parent has been able to work full-time since the birth. As the holiday approached, they realized they did not have the time or financial resources to provide anything for their children this Christmas. The donors who adopted this family were wonderful. When I dropped the gifts off at their home a few days before Christmas, the mother was so overwhelmed she sat down and wept. She was so happy that her kids would have something so special on Christmas day. The entire family had a wonderful celebration to end a very tough year. Mom has not stopped thanking me since!

First Christmas in America

I delivered Christmas gifts to a family seeking refuge here from Burma. For some reason, the children were very excited about the board games. The parents were happy that someone in their new country thought kindly towards them. Everyone expressed their gratitude profusely.

A Simple Gift brings a smile

One Somali family has ten children. When I had asked the first grader what she wanted for Christmas, she said a toy to blow bubbles. The “adopters” for this family were very generous and she and her siblings got cars, trucks, basket balls, dolls, games and warm clothing. But she was most thrilled with this small, simple gift that blew bubbles. Thank you for making them all happy.

Are you sure Momma?

One mom told us that when her five year old saw the pile of gifts under the tree Christmas morning, he was concerned that Santa had made a mistake. He could not believe these were meant for just his family.

Gifts of toys and clothes

Many of the children I serve put necessities like clothes on their wish lists. They are so used to asking for things they need, they never thought of the exciting possibilities of things they want. “Adopters” were so very thoughtful and provided age appropriate games and toys in addition to warm winter clothing. I hope you felt the joy this thoughtfulness brought to these kids on Christmas Day!

A Grandmother’s Thanks

My client is a grandmother who has custody of her 3 grandchildren and one great grandchild. Her oldest granddaughter had a son in July. The baby was premature and just released from the NICU. His great grandmother has been making major repairs to her home so the baby can come home with a ventilator system, NG tube, humidifier, and trach. When I arrived at the home, she was overcome. She never imagined in a million years to be gifted such wonderful things. Her “adopters” allowed her to focus on and afford the medical equipment the family needed to bring the baby home.

Thank you for joining us, and seeing the world through the eyes of a child. With hope, anything is possible.

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