Building Community

Collaborating with agencies and government to fight poverty and addiction

Overview Together we can elevate Rochester

Despite any turbulence that exists in our environment, our dedicated staff continue to provide caring, compassionate, and high-quality services to some of the most vulnerable people in the Rochester community.

We collaborate with partner agencies, and government at all levels to fight poverty and addiction and Build Community. CFC is a part of the collective effort to make a positive impact on poverty and addiction in Rochester, from cross-agency task forces working to break down barriers and make it easier for clients to get the help they need, to being a part of inter-agency models of care and service, such as 2-1-1/LIFELINE, Your Health Partners of the Finger Lakes, LLC, and Bridges to Success.

CFC Leadership and Staff are active in a variety of key community initiatives, including:

Our CEO and other agency leaders are active on a variety of community initiatives for systems integration, public policy, and health care reform to ensure that we are involved at the cutting edge of change in our community. We are doing all we can to make sure that we are influencing the future on behalf of those we serve, not merely waiting for it to happen.

In fact, CFC is represented at the tables of most, if not all, of the important community and statewide initiatives and committees impacting our clients and services today through the involvement of our leadership team members and staff.

Battling Addiction Empowering individuals and families affected by drug and alcohol addiction

Family Prosperity Removing barriers to economic mobility

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