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Represen­tative Payee Services

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    87 N Clinton Ave., Rochester, NY 14604

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    (585) 232-1840 x4022

About the Program

Catholic Family Center can be a person’s Representative Payee for their Social Security benefits under the guidelines of the Social Security Administration (SSA). CFC will work with the person to create a budget and pay the essential bills. The goal is to stabilize each individuals situation and help each person to eventually be able to handle their own finances.

What the Program Offers

CFC will work with each individual to first budget and pay for the basic needs as defined by the SSA: housing and utilities (gas and electric), food, medical and dental and other healthcare expenses (not covered by health insurance) and clothing. After these needs are met, any other expenses will be budgeted and planned for by the financial coordinator and their client, under the guidelines and processes set forth by the SSA.

Eligibility criteria

Individual must receive Social Security benefits and will need to complete the required paperwork to appoint CFC as his/her Representative Payee.

Intake Process

Call 232-1840 x4022

Program Cost

Funded by Monroe County & fees for service. The monthly fee amount is determined by the Social Security Administration.

Who is CFC

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