Healthy Sisters' Soup and Bean Works

Healthy Sisters' Soup and Bean Works Empowering women in recovery with tools and a path to independence

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About the Program

Healthy Sisters' Soup & Bean Works has been helping women in recovery gain work experience to enter the workforce. We continue to help more and more women every year, as demand for our products grows.

The women in the program lovingly package bean soup mixes, rice mixes, dip mixes, coffee, and other items for Healthy Sisters. While enrolled, program participants also attend workshops, and get one-on-one resume and interview assistance. Our sole purpose is to provide a nurturing work environment for women who come from backgrounds of chronic unemployment, poverty or displacement, which helps them to develop the soft skills and self-confidence they need to secure lasting employment.

What the Program Offers

Our program objectives are two-fold:

  • To provide a successful work experience that will result in employment... moving women from dependence to independence
  • To generate revenue from sales in support of program operations; ultimately helping more women

Each year, Healthy Sisters' Soup & Bean Works provides approximately 35 women with job training, opportunities to earn a stipend and to develop self-confidence in order to enter or re-enter the workforce.

Your Purchases Support the Program

Our products are available online and in many retail outlets throughout the northeast. Visit our website for more details.

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