Kinship Integrative Network

Kinship Integrative Network Support for the "bonus parent"

Contact Information:

  • Address:

    87 N Clinton Ave., Rochester, NY 14604

  • Phone:

    (585) 546-7220 x4818

  • Fax:

    (585) 325-3867

About the Program

The Kinship Integrative Network (KIN) program offers support to non-parent caregivers who are currently parenting and providing care for a child that is not biologically their own.

What the Program Offers

The KIN program offers home based or phone support to non-parent caregivers that best fits the family’s unique needs. KIN staff will assist families in becoming connected to services and resources to help them best care for the child(ren) in their home, parenting support and guidance, assistance in completing financial aid forms, advocacy and navigating legal issues. The KIN program also offers a parent support group with a focus on parenting a second time around.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible to receive support from the KIN program, individuals need to be the primary caregiver to child(ren) who are not their own. It is not required for individuals to have legal custody of the child(ren) in their care to receive assistance.

Intake Process

Families can contact Catholic Family Center at (585) 546-7220 x4818. Human service providers can call in a referral or fax the Permission to Contact form to

Program Cost

There is no cost to eligible families

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