Success Stories

A picture of the the hope you have helped us inspire

Everyone has a story Sometimes prayers are answered

Often, a charity and its donors focus on giving and receiving. We'd like to share some stories with you that may help us focus on the remarkable strength of our clients and the incredible caring of the community that supports them.

Thank you for being a part of inspiring such hope.

Francy's Story My Early Years Were Hard Ones

A part of our first Bridges to Success cohort, Francy discovered new ways to help her children achieve their dreams.

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Edwin's Story The will to persevere after prison is key to success

CFC staff help Edwin to navigate through court systems, cross-state paperwork and appeal processes to achieve his goal.

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Michael's Story For me, recovery meant surrendering to God’s will

The support network Michael found in the Restart program helped him to understand that he was not alone in his quest to kick addiction.

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Yomary's Story Breaking the cycle of poverty

Everyone knows the expression that history repeats itself. Read this brave, empowered young mother's story:

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Allyson's Story Providing support to those who are struggling and alone

As the single mom of a six-month-old baby, Allyson was experiencing economic hardship. She sought help from Catholic Family Center’s (CFC) Community Resource Services (CRS) where she met Margy Shavick, CRS Clinical Supervisor.

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Jackie's Story Beyond addiction to independence and rejoining family

Jackie explains to us that the hardest part of his journey was first admitting that he had a problem because he felt mainly he had lost himself.

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Obaida's Story A story of hope and unimaginable dreams come true

As a former refugee, resettling in the US from Afghanistan, Obaida knows better than many of us the struggles her clients go through. Utilizing her unique perspective, she forms close ties with each of her clients as they face the thrilling yet challenging transition of new life and opportunity in the United States.

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Colleen's Story Providing support to those fighting addiction

Colleen is a 56 year old woman whose addiction to alcohol started after she had gastric bypass surgery in 2006. Colleen, who has a history of trauma, feels that she used food to deal with her trauma.

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Cheryl's Story My life as a case manager and as a foster parent

Cheryl Moeller is a Supervisor in CFC’s Children, Youth and Family team, responsible for the department's Kinship program, and is one of two team leaders in our Preventive program.

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Katelyn's Story Empowering those facing their own battles

Katelyn began using at the age of 18 and continued to use until age 22. As she says…solemnly, “It wasn’t long, but it was long enough to lose everything.”

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