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November 30 - December 6
Host or attend a small, safe party, either in person or online!

Even now, you can support us to end hunger in our community. Host a small, safe party, either in your home or online, and we will provide a selection of handmade, one of a kind bowls created by local artists. This year, more than ever, they wish to remind us that you can make a difference for someone whose bowl this season is empty.

We hope you will join us (at home!) Hosts who register their party with jregan@cfcrochester.org before November 23 will receive enough bowls to distribute to their party guests. Suggested donation per guest is $50, but any gift, in any amount will make such a positive difference to those who need your help the most. Please contact events@cfcrochester.org for more information!

Not able to host a gathering but want to support Empty Bowls? Between November 16 - December 6th., Don’s Original is donating $1 to #EmptyBowlsAtHome2020 for every bowl of soup purchased. OR, use the form below, and show your support (in any amount!) for families who are struggling to fill their own empty bowls.

Invite your friends!

Thank you for stepping forward to host a small gathering (in your home, or on Zoom) to support #EmptyBowlsAtHome2020! We have some tools and suggested content for any invitation or promotion you might want to do to help organize your evening.

Facebook Event

Create a Facebook Event to invite your friends! Key supporters of other grassroots community events, like Empty Bowls, have found this to be very helpful.

Event Name/Description: Empty Bowls at Home

Join me for a great night of great soup for a great cause!

(date/time information)
(location / zoom information OR “Private message me and I’ll send you my address / zoom link)

Together, we can make a difference for someone whose bowl this season is empty. Join me and a small group of good friends for a simple meal of soup and beverages to support the crisis services of Catholic Family Center.

Yes, you will get a lovely, handmade, one of a kind bowl this year!
#ROC #EmptyBowls #EmptyBowlsAtHome2020

Event Image: Click here to download an image you can use as the banner to help illustrate your event!


You may wish to send out a personal or group email to invite your friends to joion you. Some folks are using free programs like Evite for this, but an email from your own personal account is just fine!

Subject: Join me for #EmptyBowlsAtHome!

Dear friends,

Many of you are aware of my involvement with Catholic Family Center, and how important their mission is to me, personally.

Empty Bowls is one of my favorite causes to support! Inspired by potters and other artists, guests have enjoyed a simple meal of soup (accompanied by delicious cookies and Don’s Original custard!) and selected a one of a kind pottery bowl to take home as a reminder that somewhere in Rochester, someone’s bowl is empty, and they have helped to fill it. Most take the opportunity to donate a little extra to the cause through a fun silent auction, the purchase of items created by men and women receiving substance use treatment, and outright giving.

Unfortunately, due to the large group gathering restrictions currently in place due to the pandemic, we won’t be able to celebrate Empty Bowls as we have in the past. Won’t you join me on (DATE) [in my home / on Zoom] to share a simple meal together, and make a donation in support of this vital mission? CFC even has a supply of donated bowls on hand that will be shared with us!

(if in home) I assure you that we will keep within the guidelines of how many people can gather in one home, and we will space out appropriately so we can both enjoy each other’s company and help keep each other safe. It will be so wonderful to see you again! -- Or --
(if Zoom) I will send out a Zoom link for us all to be present with each other in as intimate a way as possible. I suggest that all who attend literally set up their dinner of soup and bread in front of their tablet or laptop, with the video on. Let’s make it a celebration, with candles, fun hats, and the beverage of your choice!

This year, in particular, the clients and families they serve need help to remain stable and safe in their housing, their health and their ability to feed themselves and their children. If you can’t make it to my gathering, please consider a gift to support #EmptyBowlsAtHome2020 by visiting: https://www.cfcrochester.org/events/empty-bowls/

If you make your gift in honor of my Empty Bowls gathering, I’ll receive a note and save a bowl that I’ll deliver to you the next time we see each other in person!

I hope you will be able to join me! Please RSVP by: (date)

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