Strengthening Families

Support for children and helping families break the cycle of poverty

Overview Comprehensive services that support strong families

Building and strengthening families, as well as individuals within families, is at the very heart of the support CFC provides to children and their parents and guardians.

From adoption services to early intervention to help keep families together, to foster care for youth from all over the world fleeing abuse, neglect and violence…All our services and programs are focused on helping families to build, strengthen and achieve their full potential.

Adoption Services Building families through informed and guided adoption

Catholic Family Center has been providing adoption services since 1917. Our Adoption program provides home studies and post-placement services for international and older/special needs adoptions and is also a placement agency for domestic infant adoptions.

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Care Management Offering family and client-driven care

Early Intervention Creating opportunities for children with disabilities or developmental delays

Early Intervention services assure that families who have children aged birth to three, with certain diagnosed disabilities, developmental delays or substantial risk of significant delays, receive resources and support that assist them in maximizing their child's development while respecting the diversity of families.

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Families Take Time Assisting families in resolving identified concerns that are impacting their child's weight and development

The Families Take Time program works with families with children - ages birth through three years - who have been diagnosed with or are at risk for developing non-organic Failure to Thrive Syndrome.

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Foster Care - Unaccompanied Refugee Minor Program Foster care services for youth whose lives have been torn apart by war and oppression

Do you have room in your heart and your home? This unique program helps unaccompanied refugee children resolve the impact of trauma, develop independent living and academic skills, and provides specialized and ongoing support to their foster families.

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Kinship Integrative Network Support for the "bonus parent"

The Kinship Integrative Network (KIN) program offers support to non-parent caregivers who are currently parenting and providing care for a child that is not biologically their own.

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New York State Kinship Navigator Information and advocacy for kinship caregivers

Kinship Navigator is a statewide program operated by CFC, providing information, referral, and an advocacy network for kinship caregivers across all of New York State.

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Parents and Children Together (PACT) Strengthening families, while establishing a safe permanent plan for the child.

Home based counseling for families with children who are at risk of foster care placement, at risk of re-entering foster care or are in foster care and needing to be reunified with family.

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Pregnancy Counseling Helping parents facing an unplanned pregnancy make a safe plan for their child

CFC's Pregnancy Counseling Program supports expectant parents of all ages in solving concerns related to pregnancy and future plans. Parents receive confidential support at a vulnerable time in their life, as well as information about parenting and adoption options.

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Sexual Abuse Crisis Intervention Charter Member of Bivona Child Advocacy Center partnership

The Sexual Abuse Crisis Intervention Program is an intensive, 10-12 week home-based counseling program for families where a child up to age 18 has disclosed sex abuse or is showing sexualized behavior.

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